Why Younger Buyers are “House Hacking” to Become Homeowners

The generations well versed in life hacking are applying those skills to the housing market. A combination of high prices and interest rates is making homeownership difficult for first-time buyers, and “house hacking” appears to be a growing trend. Here’s why Gen Z and millennials are increasingly willing to house hack to become homeowners. What is House Hacking? House hacking is a...

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Thoughts on Pricing Strategies When You’re Selling a Home

There’s a lot that goes into pricing a home to sell. And while every house requires its own strategy for pricing, one thing remains constant: the number you land on needs to reflect local and current market conditions. Today, I’m sharing some thoughts on pricing strategies and considerations when you’re selling a property. Pricing a Property: What to Keep in Mind Since...

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8 Things to Declutter Immediately

By nature, most people have pack-rat tendencies. We might be organized about it, but chances are good your cupboards, bins, baskets and other storage spots are pretty darn full. If the idea of decluttering fills you with dread, try starting small. According to the experts (designers and professional organizers), most people are guilty of overdoing it with specific household items—and you’ll probably...

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9 Pro Tips for Negotiating a Real Estate Offer


Finally! It’s been a long time since buyers even had the chance to negotiate, and while the reasons for that aren’t great (decades-high interest rates) and some properties are definitely still benefiting from multiple offers (location, type and original asking price dependent), there are some good properties that have been sitting. Now and into the end of the year is the best...

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The First Week of October is Historically the Best Time to Buy


I have long used the adage, “spring is the time to sell, fall is the time to buy,” and with a couple of notable exceptions (2009 and 2020), that has held true through my entire 29-year career. Timing your purchase is not always doable, of course, since you have to find the right property to bid on, but aiming for that can...

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