What SF Bay Area Homeowners Should Know About the Upcoming Gas Appliance Ban


As of last week, sales of gas furnaces and water heater appliances (but notably, not gas stoves) are to be phased-out of all new construction. By 2029, replacements for any residential building are required to be a zero nitrogen-oxide emitting appliance. In short, electric heat pumps and electric water heaters are very soon going to be the only approved appliances in the...

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What the Recent Bank Failures Means for Buyers


One of the unexpected outcomes of the recent bank failures making headline news these past few days is there has been a “flight to safety” which for now, has had a positive impact on mortgage interest rates.  Here’s what has unfolded so far. The difference a week makes Banking clients had been quite happy the beginning of last week with their favorite...

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5 Housing Design Trends for 2023—Everything Old is New Again

It never fails. Any publication I like prints the latest top five design trends of the year and I think oooh yes, I’m in, click! Invariably I end up reading them totally underwhelmed. While this post also does not offer any new design epiphanies, it is still useful to know what helps sell a home. Regardless of whether you’re simply vision-boarding your...

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Early 2023 Data Suggests Home Buyers are Beginning to Jump Back In


The holiday season means December is typically the slowest month of the year when it comes to real estate deal making. It routinely clocks the lowest number of listings going into contract, which means January typically posts the lowest monthly number of closed sales. Now, early 2023 data is suggesting that home buyers are beginning to jump back into the market. New...

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Tesla Adds $3.6 Billion to Northern Nevada


In 2014, northern Nevada wooed Tesla to the Silver State, and like most regions looking to attract business, did so with a generous tax abatement package. At the time, the area was still recovering from the Great Recession, and Tesla was little more than a promising company that had only begun mass producing its electric cars two years earlier. It was a...

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Boots-On-The-Ground Real Estate Data, And Why It Matters


Consumers who rely on media headlines are certain to be at a decision-making disadvantage. Real estate data is a vital tool and it can provide valuable insight. However, not all data is created equal, and it’s essential that the information you use is accurate, relevant and up-to-date. This is where local professionals who see things in real-time come in. There is a...

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