4 Rules for Navigating the Power and Pitfalls of Real Estate Statistics


Real estate statistics are a valuable tool for assessing market conditions and trends. In fact, I share them right here quite regularly—last week’s post was all about Lake Tahoe home sales pricing, interactive map included, for the first quarter of 2023. But let me be clear that real estate stats, however useful they can be, are often misused, misunderstood and even misleading...

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Moving 101: How Many Boxes To Stockpile


One of the hardest parts of moving is, well, the actual moving. Packing up an entire house takes time and elbow grease and, above all, boxes. So how many boxes do you actually need to stockpile to safely move all of your belongings? While it would be great if there was a handy online calculator to answer that very question, this is...

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5 Thing to Know before Hiring an Interior Designer


If you’re thinking about hiring a designer, you might have a whole list of questions and details and ideas you want to share. But as a group, interior designers generally wish prospective clients were clear on some specifics before that first meeting. I sat down with lifelong friend Shannon Barter of the award-winning design firm in Lake Tahoe Id.3 Interior Design Group...

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What SF Bay Area Homeowners Should Know About the Upcoming Gas Appliance Ban


As of last week, sales of gas furnaces and water heater appliances (but notably, not gas stoves) are to be phased-out of all new construction. By 2029, replacements for any residential building are required to be a zero nitrogen-oxide emitting appliance. In short, electric heat pumps and electric water heaters are very soon going to be the only approved appliances in the...

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